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Welcome to English worldpedia![edit]

The worldpedia-project in American-English, is an independent of wikia-system of the worldpedia-pages, including internetpedia in traditional Chinese. The sysop of local Chinese version is not intending an unified sphere of projects on miraheze-hub. So the project in English language would become a mere lexicon or a polyglot dictionary.

For the founder(s) of this wiki[edit]

In this instance R C Peña, the founder is the only active personal.

and prefer commons as repository of your pictures

Need help? No problem! We will help you with your wiki as needed. To make a start we have added a few links about working with MediaWiki:

But Miraheze, I still don't understand X![edit]

Well, that's no problem. Even if something isn't explained in the documentation/FAQ, we still are happy to help you. You can find us here:

For a visitor of this wiki[edit]

Hello, the default Main Page of this wiki (this is the default Main Page) has not been replaced yet by the founder(s) of this wiki. The founder(s) might still be working on a Main Page, so please check this page again later!